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Home and gutter designs vary greatly, so NGM Exterior House Mechanics offers a variety of gutter options to choose from. Rectangular style gutters are a traditional application, but there are also rounded and custom designs available. A whole rainbow of colors and several metal finishes, including copper, stainless steel, and aluminum, range from sleek and modern to worn and patina. NGM Exterior House Mechanics can install copper, steel, and aluminum gutters in your choice of styles and colors. NGM Exterior House Mechanics gutter systems blend into and enhance the style of your home. Gutters are often chosen to match the house's trim color, with K-style gutters designed to mimic colonial-style crown molding. Half-round gutters in copper or steel, blend well with older homes and work best with rounded roof lines. Copper gutter medallions and ornate downspouts can add architectural interest to the exterior of the home and work with the home's other design details. We specialize in many types of residential and commercial gutter materials. NGM's focus on quality means acquiring the best material brands in the industry while working with these manufacturers to acquire the best pricing and fastest inventory availability. Expect the best advice and highest quality gutter Repairs and gutter materials. NGM Exterior House Mechanics certified craftsmen are experts in a wide variety of styles and gutter materials to match your home and last for years to come. CONTACT US using the form OR CALL TODAY 859-359-0640 to schedule your FREE roofing, siding, window, door, gutter, and chimney estimate.


Gutter Cleaning & Repairs

NGM Exterior House Mechanics is your expert gutter company in Northern Kentucky and that means offering full cleaning and repair services for your gutter systems. We know that getting a gutter repaired is a stress to many homeowners, but we also know that repairs are often a perfectly good alternative to installing a brand new gutter system, and generally more affordable.

Most of us will talk to multiple gutter companies when trying to choose who is best for the job. Our experts can help you review and compare estimates, and provide a possible repair solution in the case that a contractor insists on a new gutter installation. Our thorough gutter inspection allows our specialist to investigate all issues associated with repairing or replacing your gutters. This process assures no issue goes unidentified and prevents future unexpected and costly changes. NGM Exterior House Mechanics offers high-quality materials for any gutter repair job, and we also understand the unique needs of homes in the Northern Kentucky area and how each material performs. 

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The vision of brilliant fall foliage will soon abound signaling the change of seasons. As nature takes its course, trees exchange their green leaves in favor of rich harvest hues. The cycle continues as leaves are shed from the trees, drift in the autumn wind, and decorate the ground with beautiful colors. While we take in this autumnal splendor, it is hard to imagine the extensive damage that can be caused by something as delicate as a leaf. Leaves can clog gutters and downspouts resulting in severe problems and expensive home repairs. During the dry summer months, a leaf-clogged gutter could be a potential fire hazard as dried leaves are highly flammable. In damp warm temperatures, it can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. According to public health officials, mosquitoes lay their eggs in the stagnant water of clogged gutters, which is the main concern in the outbreak of the West Nile Virus. Recent reports have suggested that by keeping gutters and downspouts clean and debris-free, homeowners can reduce their risk of contracting this disease.  CONTACT US using the form OR CALL TODAY 859-359-0640 to schedule your FREE gutter cleaning estimate.

Gutter Guard Protection

There are many gutter protection products on the market today that can drastically reduce the risk of gutter clogging. NGM Exterior House Mechanics offers high-quality gutter protection materials for any style gutter system for homes in Northern Kentucky. These systems are compatible with all roof systems and guarantee quality leaf and debris protection at an affordable price. These systems utilize perforated holes to keep water flowing and works efficiently to keep out leaves, twigs, seeds, and small debris, including pine needles. These systems have been proven 100 percent effective in a series of independent tests. The systems we install offer exceptional volume capacity, capable of draining 305 inches of water per hour - at least 25 times more flow than most competitors' products. Most ordinary dry debris that collects on top of the system is cleared from the surface with a gentle 6 mph breeze, while wet debris is removed with 23 mph wind. These systems are virtually undetectable from the ground and add rigidity and durability to the gutter. The secure mounting system stays firmly in place to resist high winds, ice, snow, ladder damage, and pest invasion. More importantly, these systems do not penetrate through your roof like some of the competitor's products, which leads to roof leaking issues later down the line. CALL TODAY 859-359-0640 to schedule your FREE gutter protection estimate. NGM Exterior House Mechanics experts will help you choose the right gutter protection system that best fits your needs. Serving areas including Florence, KY & Kenton County, KY.

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